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Interlocked Solutions Virtual Assistance Services specialize in streamlining the workload of executive-level professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and homemakers worldwide by performing administrative tasks, online shopping, event planning and more!

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These virtual assisting services solve office manager responsibilities and needs including data entry, email management, research, crowdfunding, and more tailored to your unique specifications saving you valuable time & money.

Companies around the world are recognizing the value of Virtual Assistance Services.  You can read what companies such as Capital One, Intuit, Due and more, as well as media outlets such as Forbes, Entreprenuer, Inc., HuffPost, and more are writing about this option with a quick search of the web.

Interlocked Solutions is the combined efforts of Lucy Moore's (the company owner) two greatest passions - 

Virtual Assistance and Visual (Fine) Art


As a client of the VA Services, you will receive premium quality returns and results along with excellent customer service for an extremely fair price.  The virtual assistance service covers a wide range of common and uncommon needs including data entry, database management, inbox management, graphic design, research, crowdfunding support, customer base support, and more.  There are so many ways we can help you as a client whether you are a homemaker, student, self-employed business owner, startup visionary, CEO or other high ranked management level individual.  We have provided services to a vast scope of industries including:


  • lawyers

  • doctors

  • inventors

  • creators and artists

  • I.T. and technology

  • construction

  • life and business coaches

  • therapists

  • college/university students

  • university professors

  • homemakers  


VA Services are provided by a dedicated assistant so you can make sure you are confident in the quality and you can be confident that you will get the details of your results exactly how you would like them. 


We are experts in the majority of the typical programs in use for teams and workforce projects and are able to advance skills further where necessary.  Our Virtual Assistance Service current software packages range from Microsoft Office 2016 Suite, Adobe Photoshop CC, Basecamp, Trello, Harvest, Google Drive and the suite of apps, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Insightly, Zoho, and even more.  We work with clients worldwide and have provided services to clients in USA, UK, France, Australia, and Canada.

Companies around the world are recognizing the value of Virtual Assistant Services.  You can read what companies such as Capital One (this link is to a re-post on Forbes), Intuit (Quick Books), Due, and more, as well as media outlets such as Forbes (separate article than the one mentioned above), EntreprenuerInc., HuffPost, and more, are writing about this option with a quick search of the web.

Virtual Assistants are the perfect solution(s) for an enormous range of problems.

Moore Art By Lucy can curate a rotation of unique art pieces based on your style preference to keep your office, business, or home decorated with unique works of art to help you stand out from the crowd.

Moore Art By Lucy provides you excellent artwork to beautify your home and your life.  You can buy products that will improve your life and daily existence, either through usefulness or beauty (aiming for both) and a large selection of our products also give back to society!  You can find these by reading the "Social Impact" details on the products that do provide community benefits.

As a client of Moore Art By Lucy's fine art services you will have access to a unique opportunity providing not only graphics and art design services but originals, prints, sculptures, merchandise, an art subscription service, art instruction, and personal art advancement as well.  Offering a wide variety of options ranging from commissioned works, original and one of a kind art, limited edition prints, open edition prints, and reproductions on clothing and decor items we bring the beauty and creativity of art to every budget level.  Whether you are just starting your journey into the art world, looking for something as a gift, looking for a way to keep the art in your office or home fresh (with a subscription service),  or whether you are a collector looking for a new unique piece we have something for everyone in the perfect style and medium while being different from anything you have seen before. 


The media for artworks range from watercolors, oils, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, digital, colored pencil, graphite, ink, metal, fiber, fabric, and clay.  The style of the artworks ranges from fantasy, industrial, sci-fi, urban, steampunk, goth, classical, surreal, and more.  The artworks are all done by the artist Lucy Moore, and she prides herself on being able to work on a wide variety of subjects in a plethora of media.  Her inspiration often comes from equines of all types, but she loves making art regardless of the subject matter.  She has begun a clothing/accessory/home decor line using fine materials and her own unique designs, so even if you aren't looking for something to hang on your walls you can beautify your life with art that you wear or use.  All art and items can be shipped worldwide.


To find out more about her personal and social service projects, make sure you check out her SubscribeStar page or the other social media links below.

By working with Interlocked Solutions and the unique power of the original VA   you have an opportunity to connect the aesthetic with the functional in a whole new way that brings you to a different level of the ballgame from your friends and competitors.  Let this unique combination help you make your office, home, and play life something unparalleled and unrivaled while being a whole lot more enjoyable and interesting!