These are the items I use on a regular basis and have direct information and experience with and therefore I recommend them to people.

Students of my courses can find lots of feedback about different products and their alternatives here.

This is going to be constantly updated and maintained, so check back often to see what other wonderful things I have tested and can share with you.

Any purchase links are through affiliate accounts.  These do not cost you any more money, but they do give me a small return each purchase.  All those pennies are being put towards future website and service upgrades.  Thanks in advance for any purchases made through these links.

My Favorite Things


Micron Pens

I have done a review of the Micron Pen which shows you some useful information about the ink and it's compatibility with other materials like markers etc.  You can read the review on the blog, and/or you can watch the review on my YouTube channel.  I always keep a supply (1-2 at minimum) of 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08, 1 (Graphic), and a Brush.  This is purchasable as a pack via Amazon, and other suppliers.  Prices will fluctuate, and shipping is different for everyone, so pick which one works best for you and your options for online accounts:

Kooh-i-Noor Rapidograph Artist/Technical Pens

These are a wonderful product but they do require some special care in cleaning, storage, etc.  These are not the pens for new/inexperienced artists.  Those would be better suited to the Micron Pens noted above both for price and ease of use, however, these pens are refillable, amazing to use, and if well cared for can last you a lifetime.  If you are upgrading from Micron pens to these pens, I would suggest the .18mm, .25mm, .50mm, and 1.20mm nibs for a basic set to get a good range of line weight.  Additional pens can be purchased to fill in any extra holes needed.  This will give you an equivalent to the 005, 01, 08, and a 1 (Graphic) or larger for filling in areas.

Word of caution: Do not buy the used ones from Amazon or other sites.  These pens are extremely sensitive, and if you can't be certain how they have been treated, they very possibly will be a failed investment.  Only buy new on these!

Prices will fluctuate, and shipping is different for everyone, so pick which one works for you and your options for online accounts: