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Australian bush fire relief

All donations above $8.00 will be given to the World Wildlife Fund

for efforts toward relief from the Australian Bush Fires of 2019 and 2020. 
Donations of $8.00 or less will be given to the World Wildlife Fund, but will not receive the Gold series "extras" 

Gold Print Donators
Non-Print Donators

1. Richard Collopy ($12.00 donation)

2. Ellen Roberts ($17.00 donation)

3. Elandria Broughton-Sheard ($7.00 donation)

4. Martha Powers (12.00 donation)

5. Richard Collopy (as a gift) ($12.00 donation)

$60.00 currently to World Wildlife Foundation

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This print is provided as:
Limited "Gold" Edition (50 total)
Hand-signed and numbered
Prints are sent in numerical order of donation (i.e. first to donate gets #1 of 50, second gets #2 of 50, and so on.)

It will never be available as a "Gold" Edition after these 50 are gone.
Gold Edition:

Signature, number, and date in gold

gold status in credits on current and future donation live stream(s)

special discount code to my online store for 12 months

code to commission one 8x10 digital (print) or traditional image of your own (as slots are available  ) .

If we run out of the gold edition prints and people are still donating & want them, I will get a second run (silver) and finally if needed a third run (copper) for a limited edition maximum of 150 total prints. These will also be hand-signed and numbered and disseminated chronologically.

Koalas - © Lucy Moore 2020 - part of the Australian Bush Fire Relief Series

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Australian Bush Fires of 2019 - 2020

The Australian bush fires have been devastating the ecosystem, people, and animals for months from September of 2019 on through into 2020. Estimates have been given that approximately 1 billion animals have died due to the bush fires since September and approximately 28 million acres have been destroyed. That is an area approximately the size of Ohio, and they are spreading.

This image from Time Magazine ( gives you some reference about how widespread these fires really are.



All profits raised will go to the World Wildlife Fund to support efforts to find, rehabilitate, reforest, and release the injured animals (especially koalas). The first 50 donations over $8.00 (covers the cost of printing, packaging, postage, etc.) that provide an address will receive a limited edition hand signed and numbered 8.5 x 11 print of my piece "Koalas" if you would like (P.O. Boxes are fine if you wish) as my personal thank you for supporting the relief efforts. 


I would like to raise $4,000.00 for the World Wildlife Fund. Whatever is raised will be donated live on my twitch streams at the end of the fundraiser. For 50 (of the current set) prints, that averages to $88.00 per donation/print.

You can witness the lump sum donation (whatever we collect whether we hit the $4,000 goal or not) donated live on stream on 5/1/2020

More Information

If you would like further information about the Australian Bush Fires, you can read a note I have been and am currently collecting my research into on Facebook at:

1.  All current and future donation streams (such as when I donate all collected funds from the sale of this print) will have credits rolling and your name will be a permanent fixture on those credits as donating to the Australian Bush Fire Relief with Gold status as a thank you for donating.

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2. You will receive a code that will provide you (and only you) a discount on your shopping cart for 12 months for anything in my online store as a thank you for donating.

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3. I hold commission slots open to work on pieces for clients.  I announce these openings via all my social media when they come available (based on other work).  When a slot comes open, you will have a one time voucher to submit a request for one piece to be done.  This piece will be worked out in detail with you to make sure you get what you want.  This can be digital or traditional art and can be used for yourself, or a gift for someone else.  When slots open up, they often go quickly, so make sure you follow me on social media at:

Following there you can also keep up with other pieces and activities.

You can keep up with my activities as well through my live streams at:

where I live stream many activities including digital and traditional art creation, character/story/world-building, and more (including some limited gaming activities just for fun.)

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