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Moore Art By Lucy Digital Mixed Media Commissions

If you are looking for something highly detailed, carefully developed and polished that has a completely unique look in the textures and richness of the image, the Digital Mixed Media commission may be your ultimate choice.  All of these pieces are done in a variety of ways, but they all have a heavy digital element to their execution.  These are the perfect choice for someone wanting a unique print, a gift, a one of a kind wearable, or whatever the desire might be.

Communication is key on this, as there is all kinds of directions I can go for you.  Follow the instructions below to get your unique piece that will make you happy, and do your idea proud.  I can even provide these to you as a physical item

(at an additional charge) - check out the swag category on the gallery site, for information on what is possible. 

(Swag items may suddenly go unavailable due to resource limitations without prior notice - especially in this time of the pandemic, so please if possible give me at least 1 secondary choice in case your primary is not actually currently possible.  I will not make a switch without confirmation from you, but this will allow me to make sure all resources are available and ready to go on your approval.)
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A picture such as "Cybelle" would cost $150.00

Cybelle was done in graphite on paper, carefully shaded, and the background was separately generated using graphite on paper.  I then digitized everything, and started coloring her.  Finally her details like the hair and feather were put in.

The background employs multiple techniques with the graphite, and those were then pushed and manipulated to generate a foggy forest like location for the character.

How to Commission a Digital Mixed Media Piece

  1. Contact me using the email below.

  2. In your message, give me as much detail as you can, being as specific as possible.  You need to be very clear about what you are looking for the final result to look like, as it will dictate the type of materials needed and the time necessary so I can give you an honest and fair quote.  It will help me if you give me reference photos if you can for fantasy requests, but photos for people and pets is an absolute must.

    1. Make these photos as high a quality as possible.  Make sure the color is accurate as I will be color picking from the photos to get a general starting point before the shading/highlighting​ is applied.

    2. Make sure you tell me what style you are looking for - as you see I have a varied and wide range of possibilities.

    3. You may send as many reference photos as needed to get your information across.

    4. Colors look different on different monitors, so I color pick in order to make the colors I choose look right on your monitor - especially when doing recognizable people and pets.

    5. Tell me what type of price you would like to keep within.

    6. If you have trouble explaining a style, imagery, or look, then take a stroll through my galleries, and to art on the internet and find pictures of things you like that fit your desired goal.  I will not replicate another artists' work, but understanding what you are seeing in your head is extremely helpful to me in creating your completely unique piece.

    7. Very important ***If you want to have the high quality image to print, tell me at this time*** to prevent any unexpected additional charges.

    8. Also very important *** tell me at this time if you want to break your payments up or pay in full*** as that will be important in the next stage.

      1. Payments break the piece down into stages.  Depending on your request, this can be as few as 3, or as many as 10, so the more detailed you can be up front, the better off we are arranging the cost.​

      2. An example of a payment plan would be:
        25% of artwork cost due to begin sketch
        25% of artwork cost due when sketch goes to line work
        25% of artwork cost due when line work goes to base color
        25% of artwork cost due when base color goes to detailing
        Any final additional fees (high ppi file, swag, etc.) due when piece is completed

        (your payment plan will be unique to the piece you are requesting, and may not match this example)

    9. Finally and very important as well ***tell me if you intend for me to provide this to you on a swag item, and what that swag item is and what your alternative choice is (you can order multiple types and in higher quantities as well)*** this will help prevent any issue of transitioning the artwork over to be printed for the item in question and give you a fair quote for the total cost involved.

  3. I will read your request and contact you with a final price that your request calculates to.  I can't always guarantee I will be at or below your preference, but you will have the chance to accept the final price, or make adjustments to your request.

  4. If you are happy with the price, I will send you an invoice from "Interlocked Solutions" via PayPal.

    1. Interlocked Solutions is the umbrella company for all my service related businesses.​

  5. Once that invoice is paid, I will begin working on the piece.  I will post the piece to my Digital Art gallery for you to download from the web if you desire.​

  6. I will contact you back through the email that you contacted me with to tell you the piece is complete and uploaded.

    1. If you requested the high quality file to be included, I will link you to the location where that can be downloaded.​

  7. At this point our transaction will be concluded unless you have other work you have hired me to do.

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