We have several options for you to get started...

and getting started is the most important step.  Everything else between you and your VA can be organized as you go if you don't have a concrete idea exactly what you need or want.


We do suggest you read our articles about Virtual Assistants and using the services of one if you are completely new to this type of service.  You can find all of our articles through the Reports and Articles section of the website.  Some really important ones to consider are:


The first thing to consider after you have decided to take the leap into the VA domain with Interlocked Solutions is to decide how you would like to manage your time.  We have 5 basic options that cover the majority of potential needs out there.

  • Pay by the job/hourly

  • Pay by the week

  • Pay by the month

  • Pay by the quarter

  • Pay by the year

If these don't fit the needs of your budget, talk to us - we can come up with a mutual agreement that works.


The next thing to consider is how many hours you are thinking you want to have access to.  As a general rule, Interlocked Solutions suggests you estimate about 60-75% of what you feel like the number of hours you would hire someone in-house for unless you have concrete calculations of time, or have experience with VAs in the past.  Therefore, if you feel like you would need an in-house assistant 40 hours per week, estimate  24-30 hours per week.  This is due to the lower time overhead (not paying to check-in, sort emails, take breaks, lunch, etc.)  You are only paying for the productive time on your actual tasks.


The next thing you need to consider is what expertise as a general rule you need your Virtual Assistant to have.  If there is anything specific, you need to let us know that upfront so we can place you with the best match possible.  All assistants have access to the full network, but the closer the match they are to what you need from the beginning, the faster your daily and time-critical tasks will be to get done.  So, if you need someone proficient at social media networking, or photo retouching, or a Microsoft Certified Assistant, or someone with project management experience, let us know and we can make sure everything is aligned to your needs.


The next step is getting in touch with us.  You can use the form found at the bottom of each of these pages to send us a message, or you can email us directly, call, tweet, or facebook message us.  (Please be cautious of sharing personal/private information through social media - it's better for us to arrange a call for that information in the interest of security.)


Once we have all the information, we will assign you to the best assistant for your top-level (most common needs) and they can begin working with you immediately.


Payments are due at the beginning of your billing cycle (usually the same day of the month that you start your service with us but we can set it up for a specific day) and your assistant will track the time you are using/have left.  If you ever need just a couple more hours to finish a task or take care of a big project - those can always be purchased with any payment plan as needed at our going base rate.  You are never left in the lurch without a solution with Interlocked Solutions!


Interlocked Solutions will invoice you for the payment, so your information stays secure.  You can choose to pay via credit card, PayPal, Payoneer, Money Order, or check.

Please note, paying by Money Order or check can put pause(s) on your service if delivery is delayed by the post office and while payment clears.

We make it easy to get all the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant:

  • Lower Operational Costs

  • Make more efficient use of your time

  • Stay on top of technology, trends, and discoveries.

  • You can enhance your productivity to an unbelievable degree.

  • Convert your business/office into a high speed virtual office

  • Don't worry about coordinating work schedules - provide a due date, we will dazzle you with the returns

  • Have someone keep an eye on the bigger picture while you focus on the important details - or vice versa!

  • No commuting problems - don't worry about car trouble, weather, power failures, etc.


Once you are up and running with your assistant

Things will become as seamless as you want.  You can ask for your assistant to give you reports daily, weekly, monthly, whatever suits your needs.  You can ask for updates on each project even.  Our Virtual Assistant tailors the services they provide you to meet your needs.  You get the most time freed up the more you allow your VA to be autonomous, but we understand while you and your assistant are getting to know each other and your needs on tasks, you will likely want to keep on top of things.

We have also written a series of articles and reports on ways to maximize your return on the investment in your Virtual Assistant, and some interesting other topics that relate to business, time management, etc. which also all can be viewed from the Reports and Articles section.

Interlocked Solutions Virtual Assistance Service welcomes you to reach out to us to inquire about our services further.  Please use this form and make sure you include the method of contact you prefer.

Use the menu options above, or the links below to find out more about Interlocked Solutions' quality benefit driven services and expertise and how we can help you be a more productive, relaxed, and fulfilled you!

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