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You are so busy working for your company, chasing leads, closing big deals, you don't have time to spend hours a day organizing your calendar, reading and sorting floods of junk emails, and managing your social media.

Interlocked Solutions Virtual Assistance services can help you by taking on the mind-numbing task of tracking and organizing appointments; writing, posting, and responding to social media posts; and filtering your inbox; lightening whatever bogs you down from being your most productive.

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Interlocked Solutions has created task-specific packages that allow you to hire our assistants who are uniquely trained to produce quality results in specific areas of expertise

DA = Domain Authority
PA = Page Authority
TF = Trust Flow
CF = Citation Flow
Interlocked Solutions can handle them all for you!

Blogging and Blogger Outreach

  • Do you understand the process to get a better ranking on Google and other search engines? 

  • Is SEO optimization just about all you can manage with your busy schedule?

  • Do you know that many factors such as:

    • domain authority (DA)

    • page authority (PA)

    • trust flow (TF)

    • citation flow (CF)
      are all critical factors in SEO success, even up to or over 20%?

  • Do you know how to find your own scores to even begin to develop a strategy to improve them?

  • Do you feel like you are leaving money on the table because you don't understand how to improve your authority or flow scores to further improve your SEO success?


Virtual Assistants are the greatest invention since sliced bread.  I can think of no other system adjunct which is as effective and cost-effective.  Interlocked Solutions came highly recommended.  I have not been disappointed.  I have found [my assistant] to be an invaluable help to me in keeping up with everything I need to get taken care of.

-David R.

Our service provides you:

  • Blogger outreach to 1000+ high-quality blogs and sites to build links, authority, and flow for your site with:

    • 97+ unique and high-quality market targeted guest posts on blogs and websites with high DA, PA, TF, and CF

      • These will point to your blog, website, webpage, crowdfunding page, or other sources that you are marketing online.​

      • Each high quality and highly ranked post helps to build your own site's authority and improves your SEO success.

        • These posts will be placed on the sites most effective for your website/blog/project.  These can range from Reddit, Newswire, .edu sites, Reuters,, Yahoo News, Forbes, sites, pet blogs, home and family​ websites/blogs, trending sites, etc.

    • 97​+ (commonly closer to 190+) "do follow" backlinks to help further build your DA, PA, TF, and CF of your site/blog.

      • Each site has a range of well written, SEO compatible backlinks to your site/blog.

  • Bonus package 1:​

    • 10+ blog posts/articles that are ghost-written with SEO optimization ready for you to post during your project campaign.​

      • Each article will be 100-1500 words.​

      • Each post is provided with a full reprint/publish rights for you to use on your time and schedule.​​

  • Bonus package 2:​

    • Regular targeted reports showing you the improvement you are receiving through the services​.

  • Bonus package 3 (early responders only) (this extra bonus offer ends #date/time):​

    • 50+ blog posts/articles that are ghost-written with SEO optimization ready for you to post on your blog, website, etc with full reprint rights.​​

      • We target these to your market and audiences.​

      • You can do anything you wish with these - they are yours to take full advantage of.​

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Pick which is your preferred contact method?  We are happy to use either one.

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We put a lot of effort into our clients' needs on this package.

Therefore we have to limit the number of slots available so we can be certain to provide the best possible quality services available.

Organized Desk

This package is for people running blogs/websites/projects ready to hit the ground running and looking to actively build and expand their market reach with near-immediate results. In the end, this project can take anywhere from 6-9 months depending on many factors, but we know you don't want to wait.

So, we are ready to take on each client with care and careful consideration after a conversation with you to get the details that are important.  We have perfected our system to provide you the quickest highest quality results.

Our Virtual Assistant has been with us for five years now, and we are not only thrilled with her executive assistant skills but feel very lucky to have her on our team!   She’s an efficient turnkey operation (that gives you reliable results) for any challenges and website work.   I highly recommend her services!

-Ronna P.

Put our tried and true battle-tested expertise hard to work for you so that you can find that elusive free moment to bring balance to your work and personal life.  It is very easy to start the conversation.  You will be happy you did!

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Pick which is your preferred contact method?  We are happy to use either one.

Your request for contact has been received. You will be contacted via your chosen method as soon as possible.