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Interlocked Solutions has taken the typical tasks that they do for clients in specific genres and pared them down to unique task-specific packages that allow you to hire our assistants who are uniquely trained to produce quality results in specific areas of expertise to only worry about those jobs for you.  These package prices are set fees, you won't be surprised by hidden costs or additional invoices.  You hire our assistants to do a task, and we work diligently on that task until it is completed.


If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

You are already so busy writing content, developing leads for brand deals, living the life and doing the things you blog about, you don't have time to spend hours a day reaching out to other bloggers to help build those all-important connections between you to help extend the reach and build the authority for your brand.

Interlocked Solutions Virtual Assistance services can help you by taking on the mind-numbing task of searching for, certifying, and arranging important authority builders for you such as "do-follow" links and guest blog posts talking about your brand.

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Blogging and Blogger Outreach

   Our Blogging and Blogger Outreach Package was born out of our work in the crowdfunding sector, and the first package to be offered as a standalone.  We saw the potential for this work to be available to all clients trying to build brand recognition, domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), trust flow (TF), and citation flow (CF) for their blogs, websites, and articles/white papers when our results were so successful in other less concrete areas.

This package is available for the fantastic price of $9,250.00 (if paid in full - $9,996.00 if paid in installments) and has a value of $12,059.00.

This package provides:

  • 97 unique and high-quality market targeted guest blog posts on high DA, PA, TF, and CF websites and blogs that will point to your blog, website, webpage, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other programs that you are marketing.

    • These posts will be placed on sites most effective for your website/blog/project but can range from Reddit, Newswire, .edu sites, Reuters,, Yahoo News, Forbes, sites, pet blogs, home and family websites/blogs, trending sites, etc.

  • 97+ ( usually closer to 194) "do follow" backlinks to help build your DA, PA, TF, and CF of your site/blog

    • Each post has a minimum of 1, usually 2+ well written, SEO compatible backlinks to your site/blog

  • minimum 10 blog posts/articles of 100-1500 words written for posting on your site/blog during project campaign

  • Blogger outreach to 1000+ high quality (depending on your niche) blogs and sites to build links

There are a limited number of slots available due to the intensity level of the work in this package.  When the available 2 slots are sold, all remaining potential clients will be put on a waiting list.  Make sure to reserve right away to avoid any potential delays.

We will need to have a phone or email conversation to get all the pertinent information and get started, and we will arrange a secure payment arrangement during this conversation based on 6 installments of $1,666, or a 1-time payment of $9,250.00 - both of which will be considered paid in full, no matter how long it takes to complete the project.)


This package is for people/blogs/websites/projects ready to hit the ground running and looking to actively build and expand their market reach with near-immediate results (there is always an inherent delay while search engines find, index, and crawl sites and because of this we are constantly monitoring the situation and tweaking our actions to produce the best result possible.)  In the end, this project can take anywhere from 6-9 months depending on the competition, your chosen keyword selection, and other unforeseen factors (including SEO algorithm changes, etc.)  If you aren't ready right now, and still need more help developing a marketing plan, etc. we have packages set up for you there as well or check out our long-running services and we can step you through the process at your own pace.

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