Lucy Roberts Moore


Lucy received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Woman's University in 1999 in Visual Arts with a minor in English Composition. She entered the workforce and began her career as a database administrator for the local electric company (TXU) and then moved on to Website Coordinator for a technology company. When that company was merged with another, her position was made redundant and she changed fields to insurance. She served as everything from call center representative, agent, and office manager. She also has done training and worked in medical transcription doing live and recorded records for doctors.

She took a temporary leave from the active workforce to raise 3 foster children, and then came back to the workforce in 2008 and worked virtually serving as a call center rep and interim (fill in) supervisor where needed for her team and other teams within the company. In 2013 she learned of the opportunity to work for Zirtual, and worked for both Zirtual and Service 800 for a short time. Eventually, she left Service 800 and went to Zirtual full time.

When Zirtual closed its doors and with the company's blessings, she reached out to her current clients and offered services one on one with each of them. Many of them continued with her, and Lucy Roberts Service was born. After working out the kinks with her wonderful clients, she decided to use this base to grow the business and provide the same type of opportunities to others. With that and some discussion with 2 other individuals who were interested in learning how to do this type of work, she and Christine started Interlocked Solutions.

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Christine Miller Hinrichson

Christine has over 20 years of administrative experience with local government, non-profits and private corporations. Her skills include collections, billing, event planning and personnel management as well as data entry, inbox management, expense reporting and budget planning.

She spent several years working for the criminal courts at the district and county levels, learning many of the “ins and outs” of the judicial system. After which, she was employed in the nonprofit sector, working in design & media services and marketing. Christine returned to the government sector as an assistant to the director, moving from department to department troubleshooting issues and resolving conflicts. She has participated in and led many training courses, such as "The Proficient Assistant" and several Myers Briggs workshops.

Christine has recently married and become step-mom to five children, three of which still live at home. This life change created a need for more flexibility in her work life and a desire to be closer to home. Conversations with longtime friend, Lucy Roberts birthed the idea of becoming a virtual assistant and Christine became a part of Interlocked Solutions.

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