Live streaming bot commands

Help keep the stream running smoothly

These are usable by everyone regardless of rank

Audio Commands
  • !mic

    • Let the streamer know the mic isn't working​​​

  • !save​

    • Remind the streamer (who is likely going to have lost COMPLETE track of time) to save her game, her file, whatever.​

Gaming Usage

  • !monster

    • Let the streamer and everyone within a 5 block radius know there is danger afoot

Indifferent / Conversational

Good Outcomes

Bad Outcomes

  • !docbugs​

    • If you want to say "what's up?"​

  • !bye

    • ​If you want to say good-bye to anyone

  • !cold​

    • Declare your issues with the cold weather​

  • !hot

    • Declare your issues with the hot weather​

  • !drumroll​

    • Self explanatory​

  • !joke​

    • Did someone say (or type) something especially funny, punny, ironic, or otherwise that deserves an end cap... give them a
      "ba-dum-tiss" sound!​

  • !love​

    • Tell the stream how much your care about someone specific or the stream in general​

  • !lurk

    • Do you need to step away from the stream for a bit and want to let everyone know?  Here's how.​

  • !discuss​

    • Announce you are ready to focus in on a topic​
  • !whoa​
    • Do you need to tell someone to slow down or stop?!  Go ahead... put a hitch in their giddy-up.​
  • !clap
    • Give a round of applause​
  • !good​

    • Did something go especially well, let us all know!​

  • !trumpet​

    • Announce a grand entrance or something good​

  • !nice

    • Celebrate a good achievement or a positive outcome​

  • !yes​

    • Are you really proud of how things went?  Go ahead and be emphatic!​

  • !aww

    • For when you want to say

  • !bad​

    • If you (or the streamer) does something not so good.​  Note: the streamer often does something "not so good" - LOL

  • !anticlimax

    • When things don't quite go as planned, vent those frustrations​

  • !failcoms

    • Is someone, you, or are we all having problems getting on the same page - Tell everyone!​

  • !lannytableflip​

    • When you want to throw an absolute fit​

  • !screwy​

    • Something wrong, but not sure what.  Let us know.​

Subscriber Only Audio Commands
  • !french​

    • A very sarcastic hello​

  • !mercy​

    • Are you overwhelmed in a good or bad way?  Let everyone in on your circumstances.​

  • !sizematters​

    • When size is of utmost import​

  • !imgood​

    • Even more impressed with how something went?  Use this!​​​​​

  • !luck​

    • Did someone hit a jackpot?  Did they manage something difficult?  Do you think they just had the stars aligned in their favor?  Share your thoughts out loud.

  • !scottishcrap​

    • When it goes wrong and you realize the one thing that would have made it successful - making sure it was Scottish enough.​

  • !drat​

    • Frustrated with your computer? Let the stream know.​

  • !favorite​

    • Do you think something is unfair?  Voice your opinion.​

  • !suffer​

    • You know it's all succotash!​

  • !lonely​

    • Do you feel like no one is around?​

  • !scottish​

    • Share in the streamer's love for the Scots!​

  • !youwanna​

    • Sarcastic response to a decision on what to do​

Moderator Commands
  • !shoutout (name) or !so (name)

    • Give a shoutout to another streamer when they follow, subscribe, or join in chat​

  • !permit (name)​

    • allow a viewer to post one link if it is needed/valuable to the stream​

  • !addcom​ (command) (message)

    • Mods can add commands on the fly for useful text as you find the need to help keep things updated and running smoothly.  You can use this for text or sound results.  Please send me a private message via discord of what you created so I can keep this page up to date.

  • !addquote (who said/wrote the quotation) (quote)

    • When someone says or types a uniquely fun/funny/important message, you can immortalize it forever.​

    • If it needs to be edited, please let me know, and I can fix it on the back end - send these via discord private message so I can take care of them off stream.​

  • !checkfollow (name)

    • Find out if the user is following the channel or not​

  • !mods​

    • Find out who the mods are currently in stream/chat​

Viewer Commands

These are usable by everyone regardless of rank

  • Get information about other social media:

    • !website, !fb, !ss, !twitter

  • !botcommands​

    • Links you to this page

Creative Minecraft Only

  • !conquest

    • Get information about the mod pack I am using currently.

  • !soror​ (if I am building in Soror according to the title of the stream)

    • Get information about the other builders on the team for the project I am working on​.

  • !ithania ​ (if I am building in Ithania according to the title of the stream)

    • Get information about the major passion project I am working on​.

Everything below this line is either temporarily not working or can't be guaranteed to work at this time...

Viewer Commands

These are usable by everyone regardless of rank

  • !quote

    • Get our omnipotent and awesome bot to show you an equally important quote of the highest quality.​

  • !adventure top5​

    • See who the top 5 adventurers are.  Pay them the honor and respect due to such intrepid individuals​

  • !commands​

    • See a list of command calls for the bot(s)​​​

  • !gift (name of user) (amount of horseshoes)​

    • Do you have too many horseshoes?  Do you want to give them to someone extra special?  Here is how to do it.​

      • This will automatically remove them from your pool and add them to the other user's pool.​

  • !horseshoe​​ or !horseshoes

    • Check on your number of horseshoes you have jangling in your pockets when you enter the pasture.  You sound like money!​

  • !kill (name)​

    • Test your mettle against other members of the chat - but beware - they can do the same to you too.​

  • !lastseen (name)​

    • The bot will tell you when the last time that person was in stream was.​

  • !random​

    • Phantomhoof is a deep and eloquent thinker for being a fourlegged AI equine.  Ask him to share his thoughts with you so you can be​ equally as well rounded.

  • !time​

    • Find out how long you have been logged into chat for the current session.

  • !age​

    • Find out how long you have had your account on Twitch​

  • !discord​

    • Find out about our Discord community and how to join.​

      • This is the joint community with xElandriax and covers both our artistic and gaming adventures.  Everyone is welcome.  Followers, and Subscribers get extra perks ​

Bot Games

These are usable by everyone regardless of rank

  • !8ball (ask a question)

    • The all-seeing, all-knowing 8 ball will answer your questions definitively.  Defy the 8 ball at your own risk and peril!

      • This costs no horsehoes.  The 8ball gives advice to all that will listen.​

  • !roll​​

    • Test your luck to see what will happen.​

      • This costs no horsehoes, but it also pays none either.  Come on... you really didn't expect to get something for nothing AND the checks for free did you?​

  • !slot​​

    • Test your luck again to see what will happen., and get a poignant piece of advice in the process.

      • This costs no horseshoes and may earn you some amount.

        • OK, so I lied a little.  You can get horseshoes without spending them... but will you?​

  • !adventure (number of horseshoes you want to gamble in your adventure)

    • Go on a wild adventure and expand your horizons.  You might come back with some extra horseshoes!

  • !gamble (number of horseshoes you want to risk on the bet)​

    • roll a die and try to get a winning number.  You might get extra and you might loose it all.  Who knows?!​

      • If you win, you get your bet plus a percentage back.​

      • minimum bet is 5, maximum bet is 100

  • !roulette​​

    • Do you have Urbach-Wiethe disease?  Are you really that fool-hardy?  OK, test to see what might happen...