Lucy has been creating art since 1999 in a wide range of styles, media, and subject matter.   She has a deep abiding affection for horses, and when doing art of her own (not commissioned or a specific project) you can generally find her working on equine centric projects.  


Her training is in traditional art - focused mainly on watercolors and oils with a B.A. in Visual Arts and a concentration in Studio Painting from Texas Woman's University.  Her personal projects currently are being done in marker, watercolor, and colored pencils.  She has also been breaking out into the digital art world and learning the new techniques necessary to create quality works in the new medium.


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YouTube is coming soon when I sort out about COPPA and how it affects my videos.


What Happens At Book Club Stays at Book Club - mixed media on paper - Dec '18 - 8.5x11 inches

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